About Dutchboy Farms

In the fall of 1999, Holland-born John Lambregts, the “Dutch” in Dutchboy, began building a fish farm a few hundred yards from the banks of the Bear River near Grace, Idaho.

John knew that there was a need for a family-owned, quality-focused, spring-raised fish farm that would appeal to ordinary people who love extraordinary food – and care about the benefits of “farm to table” fish.

Raising warm-water fish near the cool, clear waters of Southeast Idaho may have seemed like a pipedream, but John had every faith that this was a possibility.

Why? Because the unique location is supplied by the "perfect spring” – 1,000 gallons per minute of the purest geothermal spring water in the region! The water is never re-circulated, filtered, or re-used, so the chance of parasites, bacteria or viruses is greatly reduced.

And the fish taste like nothing you’ve had before! Like fresh, clean, spring water.

People who buy Dutchboy Farms products take them home, clean them and cook them within minutes after they get them. They drive from miles-around to get it fresh, rather than buy it frozen in a big box at the store. And they can pick out the fish they want!

The Largemouth Bass are gorgeous and absolutely delicious, and are the pride of our farm. They are the featured product in many of the stores and restaurants we serve, and are high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Our Tilapia are a natural color with consistent size. Our Channel Catfish are beyond description! Because of our crystal-clear spring water, the skin color is a little darker than those of a pond fish – because they actually get a suntan!

Our hallmark, superb flavor is always guaranteed.

From our farm to your table. Not just better, extraordinary.

  • John Lambregts
    John Lambregts
  • Richard Ambrosek
    Richard Ambrosek
    Farm Manager
  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell
  • Anne Hunt
    Anne Hunt
    Operations & Marketing
  • Laura Gappmayer
    Laura Gappmayer
  • Anna Gappmayer
    Anna Gappmayer
  • Maddie & Patches
    Maddie & Patches

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