Deliveries are handled by our sister company, JL Logicstics, where we have over 10 years experience in transporting live fish throughout the Central and Northwest states and provinces. JL Logistics is also available for custom live fish transportation for both growers and distributors, and has experience transporting tilapia, trout, barramundi, large mouth bass, catfish, shrimp, and some salt water species. Contact us if you need fish transported to market or to your production site. Where permitted, JL Logistics can ship up to 6,000 gallons, at a gross weight of 90,000 lbs.

We are located within a couple hours drive from several feed mills which allows us to combine most of our fish pick-ups and deliveries with feed as well. We are currently focused on the Pacific Northwest region going all the way from Northern California to Vancouver, British Columbia. This route enables us to pick-up and deliver feed from the EWOS plant in British Columbia. We also have established routes into the Midwestern states and Central Canada.

We typically deliver between 15 and 18 tons of feed per delivery. By combining live fish shipments with feed deliveries, we are able to not only reduce costs, but also increase the level of service for our clients.

Pease contact John if you are interested in a transportation quote or an EWOS feed order.