Why should you consider Dutchboy Farms fingerlings for your production facility? The answer is simple. We have tried every conceivable source of fingerlings in the US on our own facility and settled on the stock supplied by Nam Sai Farms for one simple reason: they are the most profitable to raise. They are robust, disease resistant, consistent, fast growing, convert feed well, and perform well in both fillet and live haul applications.

We have supplied commercial quantities of swim-up fry and sex-reversed tilapia fingerlings to growers throughout North America since 2006. Steadily, farmers have converted to our fingerlings for one reason: they are more profitable. Since 2006, we have been under a strict biannual disease monitoring program and remain disease free with certificates to export to all states and provinces.

Our stock

We import our swim-up fry from Nam Sai Farms in Thailand, one of the largest fry suppliers in the world. We do not pretend that we can come even remotely close to the professionalism, genetic improvement, consistency or quality of a hatchery that produces nearly a million fry per day — but we happily take advantage of their low wage rates, huge economies of scale, and world-class breeding programs. In the last ten years, we have seen continued improvements in disease resistance and growth rates. We can now bring a 2 lb tilapia to market from a 1/2 gram fingerling in six months. Consistently.


Red TilapiaNatural Color Tilapia

We supply two varieties of Nile tilapia, natural color (silver or black, depending on the environment), and the red. Both are F1 crosses between two different lines, giving good hybrid vigor. We do not supply a white or blonde variety, as we have not found one that is both robust and fast enough growing to be economically feasible.

Swim-up fry:

This is the most economical option. These three day old fish are just ready to start feeding, and are VERY economical to ship. If you have the facilities to raise your own fingerlings from fry, this is absolutely the way to go. Air freight shipping is included in the low price. Swim-up fry are air-shipped in boxes of 10,000, with a 2 box minimum.

30 day old fingerlings:

1 inch, 30 day sex reversed fry are shipped from the Salt Lake City airport, between 1,000 and 2,000 fish per box, depending on customer preference of size, distance shipped, and product availability. Nearly all of our customers are on a “standing order” schedule. Smaller orders (20,000 and under) can usually be worked into the schedule, but larger orders take up to 7 weeks order lead time. Give us a call, and we’ll go over the schedules with you.


Just give John a call to discuss your needs and wants. We’ll discuss the options available, and the most economical ways to get you exactly what you need.