About Dutchboy Farms

Dutchboy Farms is located in South East Idaho. It is unique in its location and construction because it is supplied by the "perfect spring": 1,000 gallons per minute of the purest geothermal spring water at 84 degrees.

This fabulous resource is what makes out facility unique among tilapia fingerling suppliers. First and foremost, this facility operates as a "once through" hatchery. Water is never recirculated, "filtered" or re-used. So the chance for a build up of parasites, bacteria or viruses is greatly reduced. Second, our hatchery operates as a batch facility. Unlike every other facility, we clear out the building and disinfect after each cycle. Each new batch starts with a clean slate, with clean troughs and tanks and perfect spring water, directly from under ground.

Dutchboy Farms is the authorized importer and distributor for Nam Sai Farms, one of the worlds largest tilapia fingerling suppliers. Nam Sai supplies over 250,000,000 tilapia fingerlings per year to the industry worldwide. Scale allows for extemely competitive pricing, unheard of consistancy, as well as unmatched quality.

The strategic partnership between Dutchboy Farms and Nam Sai Farms means that even smaller growers in the US have access to fingerlings from the most sophisticated breeding programs in the world. Multi-generational line breeding, disease resistance, growth rate, and consistancy in size and conformation are all factors that determine the difference between profit and loss in a tilapia growout operation.

Dutchboy Farms supplies tilapia fingerlings and stockers to many farms, locally as well as throughout North America. We also supply Barramundi stockers, and are experimenting with a number of other species, including yellow perch and catfish.