About Dutchboy Farms

Dutchboy Farms is a fish hatchery & farm located in South East Idaho. It is unique in its location and construction because it is supplied by the "perfect spring": 1,000 gallons per minute of the purest geothermal spring water at 84 degrees.

This fabulous resource is what makes our facility unique. Water is never recirculated, "filtered" or re-used, so the chance for a build up of parasites, bacteria or viruses is greatly reduced. Our fish live in the perfect environment: lots of space, top notch feeds, and warm, clean, perfect spring water, directly from under ground. It shows in the condition of the fish, the flavor and the general health.

We currently grow largemouth bass, tilapia and channel catfish, and are always experimenting with new species.

Our market area ranges from Las Vegas to the South, Denver to the East, Calgary to the North, and Portland to the West. We can ship commercial quantities to any location within that area, and have the fish arrive in excellent condition.

Dutchboy Farms is the authorized importer and distributor for Nam Sai Farms, one of the worlds largest tilapia fingerling suppliers. Nam Sai supplies over 250,000,000 tilapia fingerlings per year to the industry worldwide. Scale allows for extemely competitive pricing, unheard of consistancy, as well as unmatched quality.

The strategic partnership between Dutchboy Farms and Nam Sai Farms means that even smaller growers in the US have access to fingerlings from the most sophisticated breeding programs in the world. Multi-generational line breeding, disease resistance, growth rate, and consistancy in size and conformation are all factors that determine the difference between profit and loss in a tilapia growout operation. We ship fry directly from Nam Sai to your farm at a fraction of the cost of buying fingerlings.


Dutchboy Farms has been receiving a lot of media attention lately. Rodney Boam has updated his 2013 article for the Idaho Falls Post Register in September 2018.

John was also interviewed in the Spring of 2018 for our local community access television for a program on tilapia farming. In the fall of 2015 we published a feature article on Health & Genetics in Aquaculture Magazine.

Fish Farming International interviewd John in August 2013 about the tilapia market and by Rodney Boam of the Preston Citizen about raising tilapia in Idaho the prevous September. Rodney's article from the Preston Citizen was also carried in the September 27th, 2013 issue of Intermountain Farm & Ranch published by the Idaho Falls Post Register and again in the October 15th, 2013 issue of the Idaho State Journal.

We hope you enjoy these articles and television program about the tilapia industry and Dutchboy Farms wonderful geothermal resource right here in southeast Idaho. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail John.

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June, 2014

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Dutchboy Farms produces a variety of fish species for the live food-fish trade. Currently we produce largemouth bass, channel catfish and tilapia.

The farm is based on our geothermal spring, which naturally flows over 1,000 gallons per minute of spring water from a depth of at least 7,000 feet in the beautiful Caribou Mountains of South East Idaho. There are no concerns with contamination, man made pollutants, or disease introduction.

Our largemouth bass are the pride of our farm. Large, healthy, vigorous, gorgeous and absolutely delicious. They are the flag ship product in many of the stores and restaurants we serve. Typical size is between 1.8 and 2.5 lbs and this fish is perfectly suited for special occasions, banquets and celebrations. Of course, largemouth bass is high in healthy omega 3 fatty acids, as well!

Our tilapia can be delivered in a range of sizes, from 0.75 lb for the Hispanic trade, to over 2 lb for restaurant deliveries. Our tilapia are a mix of red and natural color. Consistency and size are our hallmark, superb flavor is our guarantee.

Channel catfish are the most recent addition to our line up, and will be available in sizes up to 5 lbs. Because of our crystal clear spring water, the skin color of our catfish is a little darker than those of a pond fish: our fish actually get a sun tan! Of course, because of that fabulus spring water, the flavor of our catfish is beyond description. They taste like fresh spring water!

Our entire production system is optimized to supply robust, hardy, beautiful fish to the live food-fish trade. From our pristine spring water, low stocking densities, optimal environmental conditions, careful selection and grading, and super premium feeds, everything is geared to deliver our fish in superb condition to our customer’s tanks.

And: you heard it here, first: we will be offering an additional species for Chinese New Year 2019! We won’t reveal what it is, but stand by for news!


Deliveries are handled by our sister company, JL Logicstics, where we have over 10 years experience in transporting live fish throughout the Central and Northwest states and provinces. JL Logistics is also available for custom live fish transportation for both growers and distributors, and has experience transporting tilapia, trout, barramundi, large mouth bass, catfish, shrimp, and some salt water species. Contact us if you need fish transported to market or to your production site. Where permitted, JL Logistics can ship up to 6,000 gallons, at a gross weight of 90,000 lbs.

We are located within a couple hours drive from several feed mills which allows us to combine most of our fish pick-ups and deliveries with feed as well. We are currently focused on the Pacific Northwest region going all the way from Northern California to Vancouver, British Columbia. This route enables us to pick-up feed from both the Skretting and Ewos plants in British Columbia as well as the Skretting plant in Tooele, UT.

We typically deliver between 12 and 18 tons of feed per delivery. By combining live fish shipments with feed deliveries, we are able to not only reduce costs, but also increase the level of service for our clients.

Pease contact John if you are interested in a transportation quote.

Retail Sales

Dutchboy Farms is open on Saturday ONLY for retail sales at the farm location in Grace.


405 River Road, Grace, ID


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